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atelier damböck at the EuroShop 2017

Euroshop 2017


March 05 - March 09, 2017


Atelier damböck presented itself at the EuroShop with an almost completely

closed exhibition stand. This could only be entered through a single path -

through a waterfall.
The water curtain in front of the black wall gave no insight into the interior

of the stand and made the visitor of the fair curious.
What was hidden behind it remained a secret for the viewer.
The water curtain was a natural filter so that this area was occupied

exclusively by target group-relevant visitors.
An access to the stand was only possible with a companion from

atelier damböck, who provided the appropriate "entrance ticket":

an umbrella that could protect against the pounding water.

The joined passage together under the umbrella created an emotional

moment between visitors and companions.

"A coherent storyline is completed by many small details to create

an exciting branding experience, which will remain in memory and

become a trade fair," adds Simon Damböck.


In parts taken from:

BlachReport messe+marketing Daily News, published 29.03.2017

photos: Stefan Röhler, modul A, as systems gmbh


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