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Lighting for Saab

International Auto Salon Geneva 2001 to 2011


March 01 - March 13, 2011

Traditionally, the European car year begins with the Geneva Auto Salon. This annual trade fair attracts numerous visitors.

Since 1997, as systems has participated in the areas of planning, lighting design, organization, realization and implementation in the areas of rigging, illumination and decorations, as well as media / press events. Among other unique features and designs, we built the SAAB exhibition booths with huge blocks of ice and a one-of-a-kind-first-ever fully illuminated curved glass floor. As part of the SAAB planning team, we always had our finger on the pulse of the time. When SAAB Automobiles AB were taken over by Spyker Cars, the cooperation with as systems was newly confirmed.


Lighting design for Saab 9-3 dealers´ launch

Presentation at the Aeroseum

Shower effect for Magic Mike live - Berlin and Australia

Magic Mike
Magic Mike Live

Lighting concept for Saab

Motorshow Peking 2004, Tokio and Taipei 2005

as waterwall for Land Rover in Paris

Land Rover
Mondial de l'Automobile Paris 2012

Rounded waterwall for projection

Jack Morton Worldwide
Novartis at the EAACI, Helsinki

Waterwall for Tokio Hotel gig

Tokio Hotel
MTV European Music Awards 2007

Waterwall for kuwait national holidays

Kuwait National Holidays

Waterwall for Zurich Schauspielhaus

Zurich Schauspielhaus (Theater)
Production “Klinik“ (Clinic) 2002

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