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Technical management for GVO Dekoration GmbH

Technical Management Entire Event

GVO Dekoration GmbH

April 10 - May 15, 2014

In 2013 as systems was asked for the technical management of the 25 years celebration of Schwabe, Ley & Kreiner in Mannheim and the Summer event of Roche, Basel, Switzerland.

For both projects, as systems was charged with planning and conception of the cooperation of the different crafts. Also the logistical planning for the complete concept had to be solved.

The two, completely different events, required different approach, technical feasibility studies and verifications.
The dancing choreography for example was highlighted by a special lighting design or the static planning of the Midsummer Tree was the decisive component in the whole concept.


Nitrogen fog for the Swedish qualification event 2002

Grand Prix Qualifier
Stockholm 2002

Graphic waterwall for Gorenje

IFA Berlin 2017

Illumination concept and waterwall for Saab

IAA Frankfurt 1999

Waterline for Land Rover in Detroit

Land Rover
Detroit Motorshow 2009

Lighting for Saab

International Auto Salon Geneva 2001 to 2011

Lighting concept for SGM

Shanghai AutoShow 2013

Wiktoria is singing in the rain


Waterobjects for Land Rover

Land Rover
Paris auto show & L.A. auto Show 2012

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