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Technical support for Saab

IAA Frankfurt 1999 to 2009


September 16 - September 27, 2009

At the internationally prominent trade show IAA, as systems has been competently looking after SAAB concerning all questions in the areas of rigging, lighting and public relations events. Here, elaborate ideas were implemented thru need-based constructions and designs. Being the world’s premiere designer of water curtains, since 1999, as systems has again and again, created spectacular original debuts, among them an enormous cone, which, in 2001, veiled a prototype auto and was traversable by means of a motor. Hall # 8 of the Frankfurt Exhibition Center, continued to newly challenge the as systems designers, because the complete exhibition and media technology had to be integrated into a traversing crossbar construction with span widths of more than 20 meters. In 2009, the complete staging of the new SAAB 9-5 was co-designed and co-developed by as systems. Besides the show know-how, the technicians also installed movable video circles, Kabuki systems and extremely fast opening garage doors; a complete multi-media event for presenting the vehicles of SAAB.


Laser projection for Kreisstadt Eschwege

Kreisstadt Eschwege
Competition between Cities 2004

Waterwall with corners for Samsung

ad modum
IFA Berlin 2017

Waterwall for Qtel

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2013

as waterwall for Land Rover in Peking

Land Rover
Motorshow Peking 2006, 2008

Grafic Waterwall for ONI at the Fakuma 2015

ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH
Fakuma 2015

Shower effect for Magic Mike live - Berlin and Australia

Magic Mike
Magic Mike Live

Lighting concept for SGM

Shanghai AutoShow 2013

26th UEG week Vienna 2018

UEG week Vienna 18

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