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Water circle for splashproofed product presentation

ESICM 2017


September 23 - September 27, 2017

The ESICM Congress Vienna, organized by the European Society of

Intensive Care Medicine toke place from 23rd September to 27th September

2017 at the Austria Center Vienna in Vienna, Austria.

The conference has covered areas like Intensive Care Medicine Fostering

Research and Education in These Fields Providing Recommendations for

Optimising Facilities for Intensive Care Medicine.


There the company B. Braun presented the professional audience

 e.g. new, splashproofed products, surrounded by a water circle from as systems.

The opening of the stand was staged by dropping a stage curtain by

means of a Kabukisystems.

The service also included the video and audio concept with the equipment

and the supervision of the show.


Lighting concept for Saab 95 Launch

Launch Saab 95, Trollhaettan 1997

Graphic waterwall for Gorenje

IFA Berlin 2017

Illumination concept and waterwall for Saab

IAA Frankfurt 1999

Waterline for Land Rover in Detroit

Land Rover
Detroit Motorshow 2009

Grafic Waterwall for ONI at the Fakuma 2015

ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH
Fakuma 2015

Lighting concept for SGM

Shanghai AutoShow 2013

Wiktoria is singing in the rain


Lighting design for Mercedes

Mercedes B-Class
Tour 2005

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