Graphic waterwall


With our graphic waterwalls we transport messages in a unique way. Graphic waterwalls depict falling water through fascinating pictures and patterns ⎯ completely computer-controlled to represent your message in the best possible way.


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Waterwalls from as systems provide a unique exhibition or event appearance through free-falling waterwalls, waterfalls or water curtains. Even as a permanent installation in your company, showroom or store, you will impress your clients.



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Water objects


Our water objects transform your company, event appearance or stage show into an breathtaking experience. Whether as water door, waterscape, water display or hydro screen ⎯ as systems offers various opportunities for your installation.


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Effect technology


With effect and special technology from as systems you can connect different components to an impressing installation ⎯ automatic control system included. Wind, light, fog technology and much more offers you various opportunities. 



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as systems is your competent partner in the sector of lighting design and lighting effect. We take care of your exhibition and event lighting, present your premises or design exterior illumination, show or stage lights ⎯ individually and according to your wishes. 



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Project organisation


As a professional production company we take care of planning and executing your events. With our distinct experience we offer you competent consulting, planning, conception, control and realisation in the sectors water design, light and effect technology.



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