Water exhibits


Water objects of as systems provide ⎯ whether permanent or temporary installation ⎯ the basis for an impressive appearance. Water rings, water curtains, fountains, hydro screens and much more transform your company, your stand or your stage show into an unique experience.

  • Temporary and permanent installation
  • Straight and curved variations
  • Fully automated
  • Suitable for saltwater
  • Frost resistant
  • Osmosis-facility with filter system
  • Systems for sale or rent
  • Variable in length, width and height
  • Experienced in constructing big waterscapes
  • Combinability of different systems
  • Proven and reliable facilities
  • Compliance of hygiene standards

as systems –
your expert for water design


Water has been used for events and shows for many years. We have been there since the beginning. We were able to demonstrate our years of experience in the planning and implementation of water objects and exhibits such as waterscapes and water doors, fountains, hydro screens and many more in countless projects and to satisfied customers.

Interactive water objects
for your use


Whether as a transparent room divider, attractive design element or multimedia projection screen ⎯ the interactive water exhibits are versatile elements. Through the interaction of various media such as music, light, video and much more as systems creates unique eye-catcher.


Water objects – Rings, doors, landscapes and more


Water ring


The as systems water ring is the perfect eye-catcher for shops, foyers or exhibition stands. Its extraordinary appearance is comprised of a nozzle ring which is individually controlled, freely programmable and shows part-graphic images and shapes of water droplets. Its an exhibition object itself.
The cleaning of the medium through filter and disinfection gets done with a resource-saving water cycle.



Water door


Offer a unique access into your company to your visitors. Excite your customers at first glance through the installation of an as systems water door at your stand or in your accommodation.

The interactive water curtain opens automatically, lets visitors pass and then closes again. With this you provide your customers with a lasting impression and dry feet.


Water curtain


Water curtains offer the possibility to separate entire areas on your fair, in your shop or company ⎯ in a straight or curved shape ⎯ while preserving the open character of the room.




The combination of different water systems creates whole waterscapes. Pools, fountains, waterwalls and more are combined by as systems to create a unique interaction. These can be walked on or be used for the demonstration of various equipment or vehicles. In any case, unusual waterscapes provide interest.


Water displays


Promote your business with a water display from as systems. The display can show your logo, slogan or something else  individually and according to your wishes. Mounted in a frame and with an integrated water return system, the water flows down on the display and is automatically pumped back up.


Water jets and fountains


Impress your customers and visitors with a water jet from as systems. The permanent or movable water nozzles can be installed both temporarily and permanently. Real water art installations can be created by automatic control.


Hydro screen (outdoor only)


Use water as a projection screen ⎯ with the hydro screens from as systems. The water is distributed into many small beams by a pump and forms a nearly flat surface that can be used for projections of light and laser. The use of hydro screens with an open water circuit in or near water such as rivers or lakes is ideal.