Lighting design


We represent you in the perfect light ⎯ as systems is your partner in the sector of lighting design and lighting effects. We plan, conceptualize and implement your light show, stage lighting and much more. As a professional and experienced company, we accompany you before, during and after the event ⎯ individually and competent.

  • Show and stage lighting from a master company for event technology 
  • 20 years of experience in lighting design for industrial fairs 
  • Architectural lighting 
  • CAD light planning
  • Lighting planning, waterwalls and special constructions
  • Special effects and light shows 
  • Light design for exhibitions and events

Special effects with light


Light is both energy and information ⎯ content, form and structure. Light creates atmosphere and awakens emotions. Light draws attention. Light is the basis of our most effective perception: seeing.
For all aspects of lighting technology, you have the right partner with as systems. Our specialists realise your ideas into breathtaking scenarios that generate sustainable memories ⎯ you are in the right light and remain in the mind of viewers!

Light effects


We design fairs and events, architecture, exterior, show and stage lighting and crown your event with innovative and impressive light effects.
With the use of advanced technology, complex media installations and through the adjusted use of the room lighting, we use the local conditions in the best possible way. We offer the full range of lighting elements and make your appearance to a highlight!

Individual lighting concepts –
matched to your premises


as systems not only offers great show and effect lighting, but also takes on the lighting design of your sales or presentation rooms. The aimed use of light even brings big things out of smaller ones. Whether large rooms, waterwalls, special constructions or small shelf space ⎯ we develop the right concept for your needs.