With as systems you take advantage of the fascination of water. Whether as free-falling water effect, waterfall or water curtain ⎯ whether straight or curved. Our waterwalls create an unforgettable impression of your exhibition or event appearance.


  • Temporary and permanent installation
  • Straight and curved variations
  • Systems for sale or rent
  • Variable in length, width and height
  • Combinability of different systems
  • Proven and reliable facilities
  • Quiet
  • Single- or multi-row systems
  • Fully automated
  • Suitable for saltwater
  • Frost resistant
  • Osmosis-facility with filter system
  • Compliance of hygiene standards

Waterwall –
exhilarating effects


as systems provides a system for different purposes with its waterwalls. Through the use of light and projectors they turn into unique projection screens, function as room dividers, show or design element. Waterwalls influence the indoor climate, are waterfall or create artificial rain.

We offer our customers one to four rows, straight or curved, as well as permanently or temporary waterwalls that meet all claims in the highest degree.

Drainage wall – the waterwall

for inside and outside


Drain walls serve as a haven of peace for your fair, as a decorative element in your company or as a highlight on your stage. The water can run over stones, glass, curtains and much more. In the catch basin the water is cleaned and automatically returned into the water cycle.

Drain walls can be used both indoors and outdoors. The water objects can be used flexibly because of their optional saltwater and forestry resistance.


Water walls –
adaptable like the element itself


Projection screen


waterwalls from as systems allow fascinating projections ⎯ as a canvas for displaying fonts, logos, pictures and videos through beamer or laser.

Equipped with up to four consecutive rows the waterwalls allow maximum image sharpness for the medium water. Four-row versions are made available on request for special requirements.


Room divider


As a transparent room divider waterwalls allow the use of the vastness of space and yet the optical division into different areas at the same time.

Space can be used in different ways without disturbing the individual areas mutually.

Waterwalls for example protect against sound and smoke. Depending on the requirement water curtains or interactive water doors can be used.


Regulation of temperature and humidity


Water is recovery ⎯ this effect can be used for your purposes. By installing waterwalls not only humidity but also the room temperature may be affected.

You have a stand at a much visited exhibition and want to create a rest area without constructing measures? Use a waterwall from as systems. The water damps noise and generates a pleasant indoor climate.


Rain effect


Waterwalls can also be used for the realistic simulation of rain.

Especially in film or theatre productions the rain effect is often used to give the audience a vivid illusion. But it can also be used at trade fairs to provide for example a connection to nature.

With the water features from as systems artificial rain is produced which acts naturally.



Design object


Running water is also used in interior design for an aesthetic room design.

Water curtains or doors can also positively change the atmosphere of a room. Decorative waterwalls send out a sense of luxury and transform any location into a fascinating experience for all senses.


Adapted to your premises and placed in the right position water installations draw attention to themselves.


Show element


A breathtaking show, a fascinated audience, a perfect appearance ⎯ with the show elements from as systems.

The interaction of various elements such as snow, wind, fog or projection screens support your plans on stage.

The high-quality technology is flexible and can even be installed in a small space. Regardless whether permanent or temporary installation the enthusiasm of your visitors is guaranteed.





Single-row waterwalls are best used as rain effect or room divider.


Through specific illumination of the flowing water the attention of your target group is guaranteed. 



By double-row, staggered arrangement of about 200 nozzles per meter the projection and video projection capability of the waterwalls is improved.

This enables higher quality projection of films on the waterfall. That way watching the movies becomes a memorable event.



Triple-row, staggered nozzle arrangement with 300 nozzles per meter reaches, the medium water appropriate, maximum image quality for media projection and projected video.

The viewers of your waterwall will see a sharp image on the flowing water and can enjoy the show. We basically offer our rental systems as triple-row.



For special requirements that can not be met by single to triple-row waterwalls as systems customizes specific solutions.

A four-row, offset nozzle arrangement and other special constructions are able to realize almost every vision.



Straight waterwalls are especially used for projectional purposes. Videos, letters, themes, pictures and animations look best on a flat waterfall and create a pleasant visual impression.



Adapted to spatial conditions and individual needs curved waterwalls can be made to order. Water rings or other curvy waterwalls and unusual designs are always a successful eye-catcher. Get in touch with us, we implement your idea.

Permanent installation


All waterwalls can be permanently installed. In your foyer, showroom or entrance area water installations provide a lasting impression on visitors and customers. as systems also creates special designs from planning to implementation and installation.

Prescribed by law water quality is specially emphasised during ongoing operation. Through the installation of highly automated systems, maximum serviceability is given.

Temporary installation


For exhibition stands, events or usage in film and theatre, a temporary installation of water systems is recommended. The offer of as systems provides a wide range of rentable waterwalls for different purposes. Proven and reliable waterwall systems and water objects make your appearance unforgettable.