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Shower effect for Magic Mike live - Berlin and Australia

Magic Mike Live

Magic Mike

January 16, 2020

MAGIC MIKE LIVE is a very successfully already running show in

Las Vegas and London.

The organizers will now present in Berlin the world's largest and

most complex MAGIC MIKE LIVE Production.
Therefore the Club Theater Berlin was rebuilt for around 12 million Euros

into a highly modern and unique venue with spectacular technical possibilities.
Among other things, remarkable 100 tons of steel, 350 show lamps

and 200 loudspeakers have been installed in the theater.
The auditorium and stage merge into one another

and allow a crackling and audience-friendly 360-degree entertainment.
On behalf of Magic Mike Live, as systems GmbH produced

the water effects for Channing Tatums Live Show in Berlin.
Since the celebrated premiere on January 16, 2020, the show

is running at the Potsdamer Platz.

During the “Wet Dream” performance, warmed water drops over

the artists as a gentle rain effect. For that an acryl glass basin is

drained, which is first wetted and then sprinkled more densely.

The choreography of the rain density and intensity is controlled

by means of PLC technology.

During a rehearsals it was checked and determined that the

among of water is sparingly but sufficient to produce a sliding effect

that the dancers use for there performance.

The order included design, planning, production and installation

of the water effect on site.

In accordance to all safety requirements and in
cooperation with the planning team, a sophisticated

control technology was developed for this water show effect.

For the live act in the RTL Supertalent Show on December 22, 2019,

a graphic water wall with 2 x 3m was used as a shower effect.
For the shows in Australia another tour-compatible set was

commissioned and manufactured in addition.

Magic Mike Live was enthusiastic about the technical status

and reliable function of this system, which runs almost fully automatically.


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