Effect technology
and special effects


Effects and special technology from as systems offer many opportunities for your presentation, foyer, store or stage show. The combination of different components with an automated control technology enables unique shows and installations ⎯ permanent or temporary.

  • Automated control systems
  • Temporary and permanent installation
  • Advertisement displays with stage effect equipment for the shop area 
  • Combining of different effects 
  • Special constructions

Effect Engineering 2.0 –
professional event technology from as systems


Effect Engineering 2.0 – this means interactive event technology on a new level. We combine various components such as multimedia technology, light, motion, water and fog technology, fragrance elements and more with interactive control elements. With those we create unique exhibits with interactive options or as a "stand alone" – whether as permanent or fixed installation for temporary use at fairs and events, in single or serial production. To achieve that we do not only rely on standard solutions but will work with an individual and especially unique concept that we implement in accordance to your budget.

Special effects for fairs,

events and much more


As a master company in the event equipment sector we take care of professional planning and complete implementation of that certain something in your shop, fair appearance, outdoor showroom, point of sale or wherever you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers.
With our special effects you can create multi-sensory experiences that remain as unique moments in the memory of your customers. This helps to attract new customers but also for long-term loyalty.

Effect technology and special effects –
breathtaking technology for you




A combination of waterwalls and adjusted wind produces a realistic representation of rain. This technology can be used in many areas. Whether for presentation of rain suitability of products or for productions in theatre, film and shows ⎯ there are numerous opportunities available.




Fog generated by as systems can be used for various productions. Ultrasonic mist, nitrogen fog, chemical fog and CO2-jets offer diverse features and benefits.

There are many opportunities from projection enabled smoke screens to realistic ground fog. In any case viewers will be magnetised or enjoy the refreshing effect of air moistening.


Audio and video concepts


Acoustic and visual signals combine our two most important senses and ensure an extremely high level of attention. Sounds generate an orienting response to your customers or visitors of your stand. Video concepts allow you to transport even complex representations with strong effect ⎯ this way you will generate an impressive interest among the recipients of your message.




Befog the senses of your customers with specifically employed fragrance elements. Beguiling, light scents stimulate the desire to buy and support each generated atmosphere and mood in the background. Another field of application of odors is the illusion of exotic locations. Both the sales floor as well as a trade show have many ways to use the effect of scent elements.




Put your customers in winter mood while it is summer. Trickling snowflakes make your target audience open for consideration to upgrade their winter outfit. But also for the realistic presentation of the weather suitability of products and services, snow from as systems can be used. There are numerous ways that are worth discovering. Come to us.




Offer "moving" experiences to your customers and let objects float, fly towards customers or even be interactively controlled by the viewer. ---- as systems develops kinetic eye-catcher which will fit your requirements more than fair.




Leave a noticeable impression on your customers with the use of wind. as systems creates adjusted airstreams using various techniques. They can be varied in intensity and width of the wind depending on the requirements. It is possible that wind suitable objects can be moved around the room or extreme weather situations are portrayed realistically. Or get your target audience convinced of the strength of your products by simply showing them off. Solutions developed by as systems capture your customers' attention by storm.


Lighting with LED & Laser


Draw the attention of your customers directly to your stand, product or any other type of area ⎯ with LED and laser installations from as systems. Let your premises shine in spectacular light or use the lighting for your stage show or exhibition. We like to help you implement your ideas!


Pyrotechnics with stage pyro and large fireworks


The power and appeal of fire continues unbowed. Take advantage of this fascination for your presentation and amaze with pyro effects and fireworks in a big way. as systems installs your pyrotechnics for stage shows, whether artists or companies and ensures the necessary safety in handling the technology.
You need a flame effect for exhibits for example? We are your professional partner!




In the sector of building management systems KNX is for intelligent controlling and monitoring, for example lighting, air conditioning, security systems or the audio and video control of household aids.
You can also operate, monitor and secure our waterwall systems or multimedia special structures and displays by alarms with the KNX-System.